How to Start a Blog in 30 Minutes

Step by Step Guide to Start a WordPress Blog for the Beginners

how to disable gutenberg feature

How to Disable Gutenberg and Use Old Classic Editor in WP5

There’s a huge change in WordPress world. WordPress has introduced Gutenberg on 06 Dec 2018. WordPress 5.0 Gutenberg has replaced the old editor that was familiar to WordPress users. It might be complex for the WordPress users in the beginning but once become familiar you will find more flexible features to can design your content…
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how to create and submit sitemap feat

How to Create and Submit XML Sitemap

Sitemap is the file that provides information about the website pages to the search engine. It allows search engines like Google, Bing and Yandex to crawl your website pages more quickly and intelligently. In this guide you will learn how to create and submit XML sitemap easily. It is very important to create a sitemap…
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how to add website to bing wmastertools feat

How to Add WordPress Website to Bing Webmaster Tools?

Do you want to drive web traffic to your blog from Bing search engine? Bing webmaster tools is the search engine like Google and Yandex owned by Microsoft. Adding your website to Bing webmaster tools allow you to monitor the web traffic, keyword ranking, errors and optimize your blog to rank higher in search engine.…
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how to add blog to yandex

How to Add WordPress Website in Yandex Webmaster Tools

Do you want more traffic from Yandex search engine? Yandex Webmaster tools provide many features to optimize your website such as check site error, monitor traffic, monitor keyword . Yandex Webmaster is one of the popular tools based in Russia like Google Webmaster and Bing. Bloggers are recommended to add the website to Google, Bing…
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how to set preferred version in Google webmasters tools

Set Preferred Version of the Blog in Google

It is very important to set preferred version of the blog in Google Webmaster to avoid getting penalized. If you haven’t set the preferred version of the website, google will find the duplicate content issue which can leads to penalize the website from the search engine. Once you have verified both version of your website, you…
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how to disable comment links feature

How to Disable Links or Hyperlinks in WordPress Comment

As your traffic grows you will receive lots of spamming comment, You can easily disable link or hyperlinks adding few codes or filter using plugins like Akismet. Spammers use to leave a link in comment box to drive traffic to their blog and to get SEO benefits. WordPress converts plain URL into links automatically. Add…
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how to fix 404 not found error

How to Fix 404 Not Found Error in WordPress

WordPress throw 404 not found error when requested pages or posts are not found. In most of the case, you can quick fix this error by updating permalink in the WordPress dashboard. This error also occurs when the configuration file called .htaccess in the server is missing or need to update with pieces of code.…
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How to create page jump link feature

How to Create Page Jump Links in WordPress

Page jump links helps your visitor to reach the specific paragraph within the content clicking the particular link. If the contain is long, you would like to create jump links for the specific paragraph that allows your visitors to reach easily from top to bottom using the link. In this guide you will learn how…
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how to restore wordpress from backup

How to Restore WordPress from Backup

You may be planning to switch your blog to another web host or your blog may have compromise by the hackers. Keeping the blog backup weekly is good ideas to secure and restore the blog from accidental crash. There are many free plugins that made easy to restore blog data from the backup. In this…
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how to backup wordpress manually

How to Backup WordPress Site

Taking WordPress backup is very important part that every blogger has to do at least once in a week. Your website may crash installing faulty plugins or can be attack by hacker injecting database. You may also have to switch web host to another. This guide will teach you to take backup of your WordPress…
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