How to Start a Blog in 30 Minutes

Step by Step Guide to Start a WordPress Blog for the Beginners

Error Establishing a Database Connection

How to Fix Error Establishing a Database Connection

Are you seeing error establishing a database connection in WordPress? Error establishing a database connection is one of the common errors that WordPress users experience few times. The error simply means that the WordPress website is unable to connect to the database. WordPress execute with PHP programming language and SQL database to run your blog…
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How to deactivate WordPress plugins to fix wp-admin locked out issue

How to Deactivate WordPress Plugins to Fix wp-admin Locked Out Issue

WordPress blogs experience error while accessing WordPress admin panel end up with white screen. Your admin panel will be locked out and you will be unable to access WordPress admin panel. In such case, one of the recommend method to troubleshoot this error is to deactivate all the plugins you have installed in your site.…
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How to create a blog

How to Create a Blog in 7 easy Steps (2019)

Are you planning to create a blog that can make passive income for your living? Blogging is one of great source of income that can be done from the home or from any places where you get the internet connection and a laptop. In this guide you will learn how to create a blog in…
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How to Install Google Analytics in WordPress blog feature

How to Install Google Analytics in WordPress blog

You may want to know your website visitors where they are coming from. Google Analytics provides you the detailed insight of your blog traffic. You can track the visitors and optimize your blog posts for better conversion. This tutorial will help you to install Google Analytics in your WordPress blog. What is Google Analytics? Google…
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12 best wordpress plugins

12 WordPress Plugins you Should have for Business Site-2019

Choosing best WordPress plugins can be overwhelming for the beginners. WordPress plugins are the software that provides additional features to the blog. You will find over 54,280 plugins in WordPress directory which makes you difficult to choose the best plugin that helps your small business to grow. It easy to start a blog in few…
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How to start a blog

How to Start a Blog

Are you Ready to Start a Money Making Blog? If you are wondering how to start a blog that can makes your living then this free step by step guide will help you to create a blog in 30 minutes. Choose Blogging Platform You do not need to be expert in coding or programming language…
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How to reset WP admin Password feat

How to Reset WordPress Admin Password from phpMyAdmin

Did you lose your WordPress admin password? You can easily reset your admin password using the method mentioned below. Blogger are highly recommended to change admin password periodically to secure the blog from the hackers. Hackers attempt brute force attack to crack down your admin password and can get access to your WordPress Dashboard. WordPress…
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How to verify Wp site on pinterest feature

How to Verify WordPress Website on Pinterest (Step by Step)

Do you want to drive more traffic from Pinterest? Verify your website in few steps and start pinning your post in Pinterest. Every blogger wants to drive traffic to their blog; Pinterest is one of the great sources of traffic. You can drive massive traffic to your blog and build powerful backlinks to boost your…
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how to disable gutenberg feature

How to Disable Gutenberg and Use Old Classic Editor in WP5

There’s a huge change in WordPress world. WordPress has introduced Gutenberg on 06 Dec 2018. WordPress 5.0 Gutenberg has replaced the old editor that was familiar to WordPress users. It might be complex for the WordPress users in the beginning but once become familiar you will find more flexible features to can design your content…
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how to create and submit sitemap feat

How to Create and Submit XML Sitemap

Sitemap is the file that provides information about the website pages to the search engine. It allows search engines like Google, Bing and Yandex to crawl your website pages more quickly and intelligently. In this guide you will learn how to create and submit XML sitemap easily. It is very important to create a sitemap…
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