3 More Things to do After Creating Google AdSense Account

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3 more things to do after create adsense account

Google AdSense is popular advertisement networks that shares 68% of the Ads revenue to the publishers. Blogs having decent traffic can make their living easily working from home. It is #1 advertising network to make money online placing the ads in the blog. If you have not created adsense account to monetize your website traffic then you can refer to this guide on how to create and activate Google adsense account.

Once your blog gets approved by Google AdSense then you have to complete few more processes before receiving your payment. In this guide you will learn 3 more things to do after creating Google AdSense account.

3 Important things to do After creating Google AdSense Account

  1. Add ads.txt file in your blog

  2. Verifying your Identity

  3. Verifying your Payment Address

1. Adding Ads.txt File in your Blog

First thing you must do is to add the ads.txt file in your website hosting server. Ads is the sort form of Authorized Digital sellers which is an IAB initiative. Advertisement network such as Google AdSense ask publisher to add the ads.txt file in the blog to ensure authorized publisher and helps preventing counterfeit inventory which will potentially increase your ads revenue.

You will see the following message in your AdSense account dashboard. You can easily fix this error adding ads.txt file with your publisher ID in your blog.

earning is at risk More Things to do After Creating Google AdSense Account
How to create and add Ads.txt file in your Blog

Ads.txt file is simple file which can be created using notepad. Ads.txt file contains your adsense publisher ID which you will find in your adsense account.

Go to your adsense account dashboard and click on Settings under Account then click on Account information where you will see your publisher IDe.g. pub-0000000000000000.

publisher id.png

You need to add your publisher ID in the following format in Ads.txt file. You can see this step by step guide on how to create and manage ads.txt file in WordPress site.

google.com, pub-0000000000000000, DIRECT,f08c47fec0942fa0

2. Verifying your Identity

AdSense will ask you to verify your identity to protect you from fraud. You will see the notification in your adsense dashboard and also receive an email to submit your identity.

How to Verify your Identity

You need to have clear scanned copy of your National ID, Driving License or Passport.You can submit the scanned copy of your ID from your AdSense account.

  1. Check your AdSense account profile
  2. Submit Scanned Copy of Account Holder’s ID
Check your AdSense Account Holder

Make sure to submit the ID of same name that you have provided while creating adsense account. If your ID did not match with your adsense account name then adsense could not verify your identity. Check the name of Google adsense account holder. You can find the registered name going to the Account and Settings then click on Personal Settings.

Identity verification.png
Submit Scanned Copy of Account Holder’s ID

You can submit any of these scanned copies of your government ID, Passport or driving license.

Once you confirm the adsense account holder’s name. Scan your ID and submit it from the Google adsense dashboard. You will receive successfully verified email in your registered mail.

3. Verifying your Payment Address

Payment address verification is the process to protect the security of your adsense account. Google adsense will ask you to verify your payment address once your revenue reaches $10. It will send you an envelope in your postal address that you have provided in your adsense payment profile.

More Things to do After Creating Google AdSense Account

Depending on the location, it may take more than 1 month to reach the pin in your post office. You will find 6 digits pin code inside an envelope which you need to verify your adsense account. It is mandatory to verify the address using the pin to receive the payment.

Check your Postal Address Properly

Postal Address is the post office address which are identified by the numbers (e.g. P.O Box No.: 59668) to send or receive the mail from one place or country to another. You can find the postal address number which in short called P.O Box number by visiting to your nearby post office.

In your adsense account, make sure you have providedthe correct post box office number to receive the pin. You can check, edit or change the postal address information going to Payment then click on Manage Settings from your adsense account.

Edit Adsense Settings.png

You will find payments profile where you can edit or change Name and Address clicking on the pen icon.

Payment profile : More Things to do After Creating Google AdSense Account

If you have provided the wrong address then you need to edit and provide the correct postal address such as Name, Address, Country and P.O Box numberand ask adsense to resend the pin in the updated location. You can do this by clicking on the Verify link then Resend Pin link in your adsense dashboard.

If the address is correct then you need to wait atleast 1 month to receive the pin code.

You will receive an envelope within 1 month where your pin code is enclosed and which look like this.

Adsense envelope: More Things to do After Creating Google AdSense Account

Once you received your pin code through your local post office you can enter the 6-digit pin number from your adsense dashboard. Click on Verify link in To Do widget.

Verfiy the pin.png

Enter your 6-digit pin code in the Your PIN box then click on Submit links.

More Things to do After Creating Google AdSense Account

You will see the successful message PIN correct, your billing address has been verified in your adsense dashboard.

Verified message More Things to do After Creating Google AdSense Account

You have successfully completed all the necessary steps to received payment from Google Adsense.

Hopefully this guide on 3 most important things to do after creating Google adsense is helpful. You may also like to see the guide on 5 best ad management plugins to increase your adsense revenue. If you find this guide helpful, please share and follow us on facebook and twitter.

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