Make Money Online-14 Legit Ways

Are you dreaming to make money online with blogging using WordPress? Making money online is not difficult as you think however you can be the victim of a scams asking you to sing up for the webinar, training materials or other way to be millionaires in short period of time.

make money online

If you are looking for legitimate way of making money then you need to consider two things time and consistency. Invest your time consistently to produce better result and revenue online. There is no quick way to make money online, in this guide we have shared the genuine way of making money online.

Most of the way in this article to make money online is using self hosted WordPress blog you can see this guide on how to start a blog that makes your living.

You can also ask help to setup your blog for free, we will setup your blog for free you need to fill the form with the details.

1. Use Google AdSense in your Blog

make money online

Once you start your blog you can start showing the ads in your blog from Google Adsense. Adsense is one of the popular ad network that allow you run ads on your blog. You can create free google adsense account and get paid for every clicks on the ads just by adding the code provided by Google Adsense in your website. You can refer to this guide on activating adsense account properly in your WordPress blog. Google Adsense is the best ad network for the beginners to generate passive income.

2. Get Commission with Affiliate Marketing

make money online

Affiliate Marketing are the easiest way to make money for your living. You need to recommended the products or services of the companies such as Amazon and ShareASale to your audience.

You can start your website in 30 minutes and build the audience then start recommending the companies products and get commission from each product or service purchased by the visitors.

3. Sell Ad space in your Blog

make money online

Selling ad space in your website can give your 100% profit than using the ad network such as Google Adsense. Advertising Network is a mediator between you and the advertiser. Ad Network like Google Adsense pays you 65 percent from the amount paid by the advertiser however the percent of payment are higher than any other Ads network. For example the advertiser pays $1 for each click on his ads then the adsense publisher will be paid $0.65.

Selling ad space such as banner ads to the advertisement directly can gives you 100 percent profit and you do not need to relay on mediator like Google Adsense.  You can use the plugins such as AdRotate to manage the ad space in your WordPress blog.

4. Create Membership Site

make money online

You can start a membership site where your visitor will pay to read your content. If you have loyal reader, you can make members-only area and share the depth posts, videos, downloads and more. You can create membership website using learndash plugins,

5. Create Forums

make money online

Forums are another way to earn recurring income. You can start private forums website where visitor has to pay to get access. You can start forum website easily using bbpress plugins.

6. Sell eBooks Online

make money online

Book publishing is one of the biggest disruptive industries and the best way of making money online. You can start writing the book and design amazing cover using Canva then convert the book in PDF. Once your books are ready you can start selling the eBook in your website using free woo-commerce plugin.

You can also sell your eBook quickly in sellfy or upload in world’s largest online seller Amazon. You will get 70% of each sell and give 30% to Amazon for service. 

7. Start E-commerce Business Website

You can start selling physical products virtually. WordPress makes easy to create e-commerce business website. You can use WordPress plugins such as WooCommerce to build your website quickly. Starting business online takes lot of work  since you need to buy and sell the products then deliver to the customers.

Alternatively you can use shopify to build your online store within a week. Shopify makes easy to start the eCommerce businesses.

8. Sell your Blog in Flippa

If you know how to create a WordPress blog then you can make money online selling your blog to the corporate. Entrepreneur like to buy well established blog to use for their business. Flippa is one of the auction website where you can create an account and start selling the blog.

9. Start YouTube Channel

If you can make 1000 subscriber and 4000 hours of view time then YouTube can be the best source of generating revenue. YouTube is second largest search engine after Google and almost 5 billion videos were watched every day.

You can create a YouTube account and upload the videos in your YouTube channel then enable monetizing. You will generate $2-$5 for every 1000 views, if you have 100 videos and 5000 view each on every month the you will earn $1000-$2500.

10. Review Website

If you are good at giving review to the product or services then you should start review the website that pays you $10 to $20 per review.

You need to have microphone and webcam to start these job. You will be ask to review the website for certain period of time. Sign up for any of the service provider UserTesting.comUserlyticsUserfeelTestingTime.

11. Start Freelancer Job Online

Freelancer work may take time to established at the beginning. Once established as reputed freelancer you will get as many jobs as per your profile and can make money online easily. You can create account in any of these sites Freelancer, Flexjobs, SolidGigs, Contena or Fiverr and build your profile.

12. Start Selling Photograph

Are you good at photography? If you are good at taking pictures you can easily make money selling to stock photo companies such as shutterstock, istockphoto. You can also start your own photography blog using WordPress and sell to private corporate.

13. Start Data Entry Job

If you have good typing speed and attention to details then you can make money online easily by entering companies data. You can create an account in Craigslist, Indeed or Upwork and search for data entry to start working online.

14. Buy and Sell Domain Name

Do you know has been sold for $16 million? You can register a domain name that has commercial value and sell it in sedo. Namesilo is one of the cheap domain registrar where you can purchase domain name below $10.

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