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How to Verify WordPress Website on Pinterest (Step by Step)

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How to verify Wp site on pinterest feature

Do you want to drive more traffic from Pinterest? Verify your website in few steps and start pinning your post in Pinterest. Every blogger wants to drive traffic to their blog; Pinterest is one of the great sources of traffic. You can drive massive traffic to your blog and build powerful backlinks to boost your website in search engine. In this guide you will learn how to verify WordPress website on Pinterest step by step.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is one of the popular Social Networking site founded in 2010. It gains popularity in 2012 with 11 million unique visitors from U.S. You can create as many boards of your niche and add the links or images from the websites.

How to Verify Website on Pinterest?

Step-1: Sign up and claim your website on Pinterest.

Step-2: Add Verification code to your WordPress Blog.

Step-3:  Activate Business Account.

Step-1: Sign up and Claim your Website on Pinterest

Create an account like any other social network site e.g. Facebook. Sign up to Pinterest account using email account and password.

How to Verify WordPress Website on Pinterest

You will receive verification email instantly. Confirm your Pinterest account using the link in your mail box.

How to Verify WordPress Website on Pinterest

Once your account confirm, you will be able use all Pinterest features. Login to Pinterest account using your email and password. Click on three-dot at the top-right and Click on Edit settings.

How to Verify WordPress Website on Pinterest

You will see the screen where you can setup your profile, harden account security and options to verify your blog in Pinterest.

How to Verify WordPress Website on Pinterest

From the left side, click on Claim. You need to provide your website name to verify. Type your blog name e.g. in Claim your website box and click on Claim button.

You will see pop-up message that give you the options to verify your WordPress blog. Click on Add HTML tag option, you will see HTML code that needs to add in <head> section of your WordPress website. Copy the HTML tag to integrate into your website.

Step-2: Add Verification Code to your WordPress Blog

WordPress plugin has made ease to integrate the code in few steps. You will see two methods to add the code into your WordPress blog.

Add HTML Tag using Plugin

You can easily add HTML code using Yoast SEO plugin. Yoast SEO is the powerful plugin build to optimize your website and rank better in search engine like Google. It also provides many tools e.g. accessing .htaccess, robot.txt, blog verification that made ease for the beginners. You can use the tools available in Yoast SEO plugin to add the code in few clicks.

If you haven’t install Yoast SEO plugin, Install the plugin from Plugins section and activate it. You can also use this guide on How to install WordPress plugins?

Once plugin activated, go to SEO from the WordPress panel and click on Social.

You will see Social settings screen. Click on Pinterest tab at the top and paste the code in Pinterest confirmation box then click on Save Changes button.

This method has guided you to add the code into your WordPress blog using Yoast SEO Plugin. You can also add the code at the <head> section of your blog using Method-2.

Method-2: Add HTML Tag using WordPress Editor

Using WordPress editor can be confusing for the beginners. If you add the code in right place as guided, everything will work well. Make sure you are adding the code in right place in the editor. This guide will help you to add HTML tag properly into WordPress editor.

Login to WordPress Dashboard. From the left panel, click on Appearance then Editor.

From the right side, click on header.php and paste the code below <head> section and click on Update file button.

You have learned two methods of adding HTML tag into your WordPress blog. By now you have added Pinterest verification code into your blog, now you have to go back to Pinterest and click on Next button then click Submit button to complete the verification process.

It will take upto 24 hours to complete the process of verification and will notify you by email.

After completion of verification process you will see your website added in the Claim section as shown below.

Step-3:  Activate Business Account

You may like to use Pinterest analytical and creating ads. You can activate Pinterest free business account clicking Upgrade Now button.

Click on the three-dot at the top-right and click on Upgrade Now button.

In the next screen, provide your registered email and click on Continue button.

Now, choose prefer profile name of your brand and provide your business type e.g. Professional. Click on Next button. It will walk you through few steps to setup free business account. Provide required information and complete the process.

We hope this guide on how to verify WordPress website on Pinterest is helpful. You may also like to see the guide on How to add website to Google webmaster tools. If you find this guide helpful, please share and follow us on facebook and twitter.

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