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How to Start a Blog

Free WordPress Tutorials for the Beginners

How to start a blog
Are you Ready to Start a Money Making Blog?

If you are wondering how to start a blog that can makes your living then this free step by step guide will help you to create a blog in 30 minutes.

Time needed: 30 minutes.

How to Start a Blog?

  1. Get Free Domain Name with Hosting Plan

    Purchase a hosting plan that cost $5.95 per month and get free domain name worth $15 per year.

  2. Customize WordPress Site

    Install WordPress and themes in few steps. Setup the blog titles and description and start blogging.

  3. Publish your Post

    Write unique content and publish your post.

Choose Blogging Platform

You do not need to be expert in coding or programming language to start a blog. Content Management System (CMS) such as WordPress have made easy to create a blog in few minutes.

Why to Use WordPress?

WordPress is prominent blogging platform chosen by millions of bloggers.  It has dominant Content manage system (CMS) platform holding more than 35% market share as per the statistics report shared by W3Tech CB (Crunchbase) Rank company. We recommend you to start a blog using WordPress. As being popular in short period of time, many WordPress experts made WordPress tutorials easily available online. You can refer to this guide on what is WordPress to learn more about WordPress.

Decide your Blog Topic

You need to decide, in what topic you want to publishing the content in your website. Decide your blog topic that you are passionate about, some of the example of blogs niche are health & fitness, language learning, tutorial, writing style, food and recipe, traveling blog, personal developing, music blog, movies blog. If you decided your blog topic then get started to setup the website with Bluehost quickly.

Step-1: Get Free Domain Name with Hosting Plan

Domain name (URL) is your blog address which need web server to make it live in the internet. Web Server are the place where your blog contents are stored and display to your visitor through internet.

Web server are provided by the website hosting companies which may cost upto $7 per month. Choosing best website hosting companies to host your website can be challenges because your blog success depends on the performance, uptime and immediate support.

One of the best hosting companies we recommend you to choose is Bluehost which cost $5.95 per month and has to pay $71.40 for 1 year. Bluehost also gives you free custom domain name worth $15 for first year.

Bluehost is one of the WordPress recommended hosting providers that will boost your blog performance, guarantee 99.99% server uptime, 24/7 immediate support and 30 days money back guarantee.

Ready to Get Start

You can get your free custom domain name in purchase of Bluehost hosting plan clicking on the Register free Custom Domain Name and Host at $5.95 per month button below.

It will take you to the Bluehost website where you have to click on Get Started Now button.

How to Start a Blog

Bluehost offers three plans Basic, Plus and Prime. As Plus and Prime plans are for big blogs having high volume of traffic, we recommend you to go with Basic plan which is convenient for your blog at the beginning. From Basic Plan column click on Select button.

How to Start a Blog

Now, you will see two options in the next page, If you want free custom domain name type your domain name in New Domain box and if you have already purchase the domain name from another domain registrar then use I have a domain name box.

To get the free domain name, type the unique and easy to remember domain name e.g. in new domain box at the left side (It’s free) and choose domain extensions such as .com, .net  from the drop-down box then click on Next button. 

How to Start a Blog

In the next screen, you need to fill all the details in Account Information section.

account info bluehost

In package information section, choose account plan that is convenient to you. Choosing 36 months plan cost $3.95 per month and 12 months plan cost $5.95 per month which is best value comparing to other host. 

How to Start a Blog

Uncheck all the products in package extras section, it is not necessary to purchase anything from this section.

How to Start a Blog

Now, in the payment information section, you need to enter your bank card details (debit card or credit card) to make the payment of your purchase. After entering the card details check the Terms of Service box and click on Submit button.

How to Start a Blog

You will see the message of successful purchased. Click on Create Account button to setup the WordPress control panel login details.

Type the domain name you have registered then choose your password and click on Create Account button.

Step-2: Customize your WordPress Website

Bluehost made easy to install and setup WordPress website. Soon after choosing the password Bluehost will ask your preference to setup your small business blog accordingly.

Choose the best preference that you want your website to setup with and click on Continue to Theme selection button.

In the next page, choose one of the preferred themes to use in your new WordPress blog and click on Use This Themes button.

Bluehost will start installing your WordPress blog with the selected themes. It will take few minutes to complete.

Once completed, it will take you to the page where you have to set your blog name and tagline. In the site name box, provide the title of your blog and in the tagline box, provide the description that best describe about your blog. Click on Continue button.

Now, you have finish setting up the blog. You can start customizing your WordPress website creating menu and contains for your visitors. Open the new tab in your web browser and access WordPress admin panel by adding /wp-admin after your domain name.

how to start a blog

You will see WordPress admin login screen where have to enter your username and password (you have chosen while creating account in step 1) then click on Log In button. You will see the control panel of your WordPress website which is also called WordPress dashboard.

Login to wp-admin

WordPress Dashboard Overview

WordPress Dashboard is the control panel of your website. You can control your entire WordPress website from the dashboard. WordPress administrator have full control to customize the WordPress website such as installing, activating and deleting themes and plugins.


Create Menu

Menu helps your visitor to navigate your website easily. You can create menu in topbar, header or footer. Here you will see how to create menu quickly.

Hover your mouse pointer in the appearance then click on menus where you will create the menu items for your blog.


Now, click on Create a new menu link and type any name in menu name box then click on create menu button. Your menu is now created, you can start adding menu items such home, contact us, about us in menu bar.

From the left side click on custom links to expand. Type the menu name e.g. Home in link text box then type your blog address e.g. in URL box which will take your visitor to your homepage. Click on Add to menu button.

You have created the menu item Home and added in the menu bar. Create few more menu items such as About Us and Contact Us then check the header box or topbar box in menu settings and click on Save Menu. Header and Topbar are the menu position set in the particular location of your blog.

menu items

Step-3: Publish Your Post

Create unique contain that engage visitors and start publishing it on your blog.

From the WordPress dashboard, hover your mouse pointer on Posts then click on Add New.

how to start a blog

You will see block editor where you can add different types of blocks such as paragraph block, image block, spacer block and heading block.

You will see title block where you can add your post title replacing Add Draft text in the block.

blocks editor

then click on the + icon at the top where you will see lists of block that can be use for the post designing. You can add paragraph block to write your content and images block to add images in your contain.

how to start a blog

Once your content is ready click on preview button to see how the post looks and click on Publish button at the top right after confirm. You have successful publish your first post. You can refer to this guide on how to create post in WordPress.

how to start a blog

We hope this guide on how to start a blog is helpful. If you find trouble in starting a blog use this free blog setup link or drop a message using contact form we will be happy to help you. If you want to monetize your blog to make money online, you can create Google Adsense account and place ads in your website.

You may also like to see the guide on 13 most important things to do after installing WordPress. If you find this guide helpful, please share and follow us on facebook and twitter.

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