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How to Start a Blog For Free

Free WordPress Tutorials for the Beginners

how to start wordpress blog for free

Do you want to start a WordPress blog for free? You can start with free domian name and web hosting without delay. In this guide you will learn how to start a blog for free.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is blogging platform that occupied more than 35% of market share. It is the Content Management System established in 2003 that makes easy to manage your blog. You can refer to this guide on WordPress.

6 Easy Steps to Start your Blog For free

  • Step-1: Decide your Blog Topic
  • Step-2: Register your Free Domain name and Hosting Account
  • Step-3: Install WordPress
  • Step-4: Customize your Blog
  • Step-5: Promote your Blog
  • Step-6: Monetize Your Blog

Step-1: Decide your Blog Topic

Did you plan your blog topic? Plan the topic of your blog, in what topic you will publish the contain for your website. Find your passion that you love to write. Some of blogs niche you would like to consider health & fitness, Photography, Newspapers magazines, writing style, food and recipe, traveling blog, personal developing, music blog or movies blog. Once you decide your blog topic then you can start building your blog following the next step.

Step-2: Get Free Domain Name and Web Hosting

Domain name (URL) is the address of your blog and web server makes your blog accessible through the internet. Your website data are stored in the Web Server and display to your visitor.

Biz is one of the website hosting provider that provides you domain name and hosting server without any cost to start a WordPress blog for the beginners. It is always been good for the starter to learn and practice build professional website.

Ready to Get Start.

You can use the link blue button below to get your free domain name and hosting server. Click on the Register free Domain Name with Biz button.

The link will take you to the Biz website where you have to type your preferred domain name e.g. wpblogstarter and click on Register. You will see the message that says domain is available then click on Register Now link. If your domain name is not available then you have to try different domain name.

how to start a blog for free

Biz provides you personal and Business hosting plan in best price but as a beginner you can start with their free plan that help you to start your small business blog. Choose Free hosting plan and click on Continue button.

how to start a blog for free

In the new client section, fill all the required details then check the TOS box and Captcha then click on Continue button.

how to start a blog for free

You will receive the verification mail. Check your mail box and activate the account. Once activated Click on Click here to log into your account link, It will take you to the biz control panel where you will install WordPress in your site.

Step-3: Install WordPress

From the Biz dashboard, under Website manager, click on Zacky Installer to install WordPress in your site.

how to start a blog for free

You will see the list of CMS (Content manager system) such as WordPress and Joomla. Click on WordPress to install in your site.

how to start a blog for free

You will see list of the WordPress themes to install in your blog. Choose your preferred themes and click on Next button. You can also modify your blog themes after installation.

how to start a blog for free

In the next step you will be asked to choose plugins which is not necessary at this moment. You can install plugins after installation, uncheck the boxes and click on Next button.

how to start a blog for free

Since, domain extension is no more available, you need to re-register your domain name with extension. Type your domain name in Use a free domain or free sub domain box. You will see the available message next to the box.

how to start a blog for free

In the second section, Type your blog Heading, email address, username and password then click on next button. Note down all the details you need these details to login to your WordPress dashboard.

how to start a blog for free

Now, verify your website details and click on Install Now button.

how to start a blog for free

After few minutes, your WordPress installation will complete and you can see your website goes live in the internet. You can type your blog address in your web browser such as Google chrome or click your website link given in the screen. Now, you can start customizing your website.

how to start a blog for free

Step-4: Customize your Blog

Install Blog Theme

You need to access your WordPress dashboard to customize your website such as installing themes, plugins, creating menu and publish content. In the web browser type your blog address then add /wp-admin at the end e.g. 


You will see WordPress admin login screen where have to enter your username and password then click on Log In button.

Login to wp-admin

Now, you are in your WordPress Dashboard where you will control all your blog’s settings, post, pages, appearance and performance. Start installing your blog themes. Hover your mouse pointer on Appearance then click on Themes.


Click on Add new button at the top where can search and install many free themes related to your blog’s topic.

add new themes

You can search your blog related themes from the tab at the top left. Click on featured, popular, latest or favorite tabs to find the best themes for your blog.

If you want to install specific themes such as travel themes, photography themes, food and recipe themes then type the categories name in the search box at the right.

Once you choose your blog theme click on install then activate button. Now load your blog in the browser e.g. and see how your blog looks with the chosen theme.

Install themes

Install Plugins

Plugins are the software that adds additional feature to your WordPress website. In this guide you are installing Yoast SEO plugin as an example that help you to optimize your blog in search engine .

In WordPress dashboard click on Add New under Plugins.

Add New plugins

In the Search box type the name of the plugins Yoast SEO. You will see the Yoast SEO plugin at the beginning. Click on Install Now button then click on Activate button.

That’s it, you have installed the plugin in your new WordPress blog . You can see this guide on 12 Best WordPress plugins that are essential for your small business blog.

Search plugins

Create Menu

Menu helps your visitor to navigate your website easily. You can create menu in topbar, header or footer. Here you will see how to create menu quickly.

Hover your mouse pointer in the appearance then click on menus where you will create the menu items for your blog.


Now, lick on Create a new menu link and type any name in menu name box then click on create menu button. Your menu is now created, you can start adding menu items such home, contact us, about us in menu bar.

From the left side click on custom links to expand. Type the menu name e.g. Home in link text box then type your blog address e.g. in URL box which will take your visitor to your homepage. Click on Add to menu button.

You have created the menu item Home and added in the menu bar. Create few more menu items such as About Us and Contact Us then check the header box or topbar box in menu settings and click on Save Menu. Header and Topbar are the menu position set in the particular location of your blog.

menu items

Publish Your Post

Once you setup your website structure, you can start publishing the content. Create unique contain that engage visitors and publish at least 20-30 post.

From the WordPress admin panel, hover your mouse pointer on Posts then click on Add New.

how to start a blog

You will see block editor where you can add different types of blocks such as paragraph block, image block, spacer block and heading block.

You will see title block where you can add your post title replacing Add Draft text in the block.

blocks editor

then click on the + sign at the top where you will see many block that can be use for your post designing. You can add paragraph block to write your content and images block to add images in your contain.

how to start a blog

Once your content is ready you can click on preview button to see how the post looks like and click on Publish button at the top right after confirm. You post will publish in your website.

how to start a blog

Step-5: Promote your Blog

After create 20-30 post you can start promoting your content in social network such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Engage visitor to your website, once your blog reach minimum 500 visitor every day you can start making money using Adsense. You can use this guide on how to see website traffic using Google Analytics.

Step-6: Monetize Your Blog

If your blog is receiving enough traffic at least 200-500 a day then you can create Google Adsense account and add the advertisement in your website. Every click on the ads displayed in your website will generate revenue. Make sure you don’t click on your own ads that will lead your website to be blacklist by Google Adsense and will be hard to recovery.

We hope this guide on how to start a blog for free is helpful. If you find trouble in starting a blog, you can chat with us online using the chat button on the down right or drop a message using contact form we will be happy to help you.

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