Set Preferred Version of the Blog in Google

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how to set preferred version in Google webmasters tools

It is very important to set preferred version of the blog in Google Webmaster to avoid getting penalized. If you haven’t set the preferred version of the website, google will find the duplicate content issue which can leads to penalize the website from the search engine.

Once you have verified both version of your website, you can choose the prefer version of your website to tell google search engine which version of the website to index in search result.

Setting preferred version of your website is not supported in new version of search console. You can switch to old version of search console. In new version of Search console, click on “Go to the old version” at the bottom-left from the dashboard.

go to old version of search console

Now, you are in old version of search console. In Search Console dashboard. Click on “setting icon” and site settings” from the right.

site settings

Choose preferable version www or non-www of your website and click on Save” button.

set preferred version

Now, google will index your preferred versions of the website in the search engine.

We hope this tutorial on how set preferred version of the blog in google webmasters is helpful. You can also like to see the guide to submit URL to Bing search engine.

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