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How to Restore WordPress from Backup

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how to restore wordpress from backup

You may be planning to switch your blog to another web host or your blog may have compromise by the hackers. Keeping the blog backup weekly is good ideas to secure and restore the blog from accidental crash. There are many free plugins that made easy to restore blog data from the backup. In this tutorial you will learn how to restore WordPress from Backup.

WordPress Backup Restoring Using Plugins

There are many free plugins available to restore your WordPress website. Make sure that you use the same plugin to backup and restore your WordPress website. We are using Updraft WordPress Backup Plugin to restore the blog.

Keep your backup folder wp-content and file database.sql on the desktop for easy access.

Login to your WordPress Dashboard and Install Updraft WordPress Backup Plugin. Click Add New from Plugins section.

Add New plugins

In keywords search box type UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin, Click Install Now button and activate it.

How to restore WordPress from backup

In WordPress panel, click on UpdraftPlus Backups under settings. From the existing backups click on Upload Backup Files.

upload using updraftplus

Click on Select Files tab. Select the entire backup files from your computer. Click first file and click last file holding shift to select entire files from your computer and click on Open button.  (Note: This backup is taken using UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup plugins.)

How to Restore WordPress from Backup

Wait for a while to open. Upon completion click on Restore button to start uploading the data.

How to Restore WordPress from Backup

Select plugins, themes, uploads, others, database and click on Restore button.

How to Restore WordPress from Backup

It will take couple of minutes to retrieve your data. After completion, Click on Restore button again.

How to Restore WordPress from Backup

You will see the message of completion. You have successfully restored your WordPress blog.

Restoring Backup Manually Using FTP Client.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client like FileZilla, CoreFTP and CyberDuck transfers your files to your server. You will use FileZilla as FTP Clients to restore your blog backup. If you have not installed in your computer, Download and install FileZilla now from its official site.

Before you start restoring keep backup folder on the desktop for easy access.

Open FTP client Filezilla and connect using ftp login credential and type 21 in port field. Click on Quick Connect button.

Ftp connect to server

How to find FTP Account Details?

Login to the cPanel and click on FTP Accounts under files. Click on Configure FTP Client to expand. You will see login details in Manual Settings.

FTP login details

There are two sections in File Zilla, PC Section at left and Server Section at right. From the Server Section double click on Public_html to open

double click to open

Assuming your backup folder kept on desktop. Click on Desktop from PC Section and open backup folder that contains wp-content. Drag wp-content, click-hold and move mouse to Server Section and Drop.

drag wpcontent

It will ask you to overwrite the folder. Select Apply to current queue only under Always use this action and click OK button. Your backup will start transferring.

overrite files

Transferring will take time depending on the size of your data. After completion, you need to import your database from cPanel.

Login to your cPanel e.g. Under Databases Click on phpMyAdmin.


Click on your Database Name from left side of the screen e.g. webmwuhm_AS1. Select Check all/Check tables having overhead and click on Export tab at the top.

From the left side, Click on database name e.g. webmwuhm_AS1. Select Check all/Check tables having overhead. Click Drop from drop down menu.

import database

It will delete existing database table. Click Yes to delete.

yes to drop

Now your database is empty and ready to import. Click Import tab from the top bar. Click Choose file to import your database from your computer. Open you backup folder, select your database webmwuhm_AS1.sql, and click Open. Make sure your database name and backup database file name are same. Click on Go button to import.

importing db

Importing will take few moments, after completion, you will see successful message below.

Database successfully imported

You have completed restoring WordPress backup successfully.

We hope this guide on how to restore WordPress from backup is helpful. You may also like to see the guide to troubleshoot WordPress errors. If you find this guide helpful, please share and follow us on facebook and twitter.

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