How to Reset WordPress Admin Password from phpMyAdmin

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How to reset WP admin Password feat

Did you lose your WordPress admin password? You can easily reset your admin password using the method mentioned below.

Blogger are highly recommended to change admin password periodically to secure the blog from the hackers. Hackers attempt brute force attack to crack down your admin password and can get access to your WordPress Dashboard.

WordPress has makes it easy to change password using the email address you have used while installing WordPress. If you don’t have access to your email address you can reset admin password easily from the “phpmyadmin”.

This step by step guide will help you to reset the WordPress password in few minutes.

How to Reset WordPress Password from wp-admin?

You can easily reset WordPress password from the email ID used while installing WordPress. Go to Login screen using and click on “Lost your password?” link.

How to reset WordPress admin password from phpmyadmin

It will take you to the screen where you have to provide your WordPress username or associated email id. Type your username or email address that you have used while installing WordPress and click on “Get New Password”.

Get new password

WordPress will send you a link in your email ID to reset the password. Open your mail box and click on the reset link.

mail confirmation

It will take you to the password reset screen. You can type your new password and Click on “Reset Password” button.  You have successfully reset the WordPress password using email ID. You will be able to login WordPress dashboard using “New Password”.

If you don’t have access to your email ID then you can’t reset password using this method. You have to change your password directly in the database.

Reset Admin Password

How to Reset WordPress Password from phpMyAdmin?

You need to Login to the cPanel using username and password. You can access cPanel from your hosting provider dashboard or type in your web browser e.g. Chrome, Firefox and login using cPanel username and password provided by your webhost.

login to cpanel

You will see many sections in cPanel dashboard. Find Databases section and click on “phpMyAdmin” to enter into WordPress database.


You will see “phpMyAdmin” screen or can say your WordPress database screen where you can reset your WordPress password.

Click on database name at the left, It will expand and you will see the list of your database name. In this guide the database name is “webmwuhm_AS1”.

From the database list, click on “wp_users” then click on “Edit” under “Options”.

open phpmyadmin

Now, choose “MD5” from “Function” column and type your new password in the box next to MD5. Click on “Go” button.

reset password

You have successfully changed your WordPress password.

MD5 which is technically called Message Digest Algorithm hash function which work is to verify that a file has been unaltered.

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