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How to Publish a Post in WordPress

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how to publish post in WordPress

Post is where you write and design your contain. Valuable contain in beautiful presentation engage visitors and increase conversion rate. You can design your contain using post default tools and also can use some plugins like Ultimate Shortcodes to add more options in the post. In this guide you will learn how to publish a post in WordPress blog.

Step by Step Guide to Publish a Post in WordPress

  • Set SEO friendly Post Title
  • Set SEO friendly Post permalink (slug)
  • Design your contain using formatting toolbar
  • Add Media to contain
  • Add featured image
  • Add Post Categories and publish

In your WordPress admin panel, hover mouse pointer on Posts and click on Add New.

How to publish a post in WordPress?

Post Overview

Post allow you to edit, design and publish your content within specific categories. You can see Post Title field to write the title, Add Media button to insert images/videos and Toolbar to design the text of your content.

How to Publish a Post in WordPress

In the right side, you have options of adding categories, featured image and publish button.

How to Publish a Post in WordPress

Step-1: Set SEO Friendly Post Title

The title of your contain is one of the important factor of ranking in search engines. Long tail title of 8 words maximum with main keyword optimize best in search engines.  However, there are many other factors to optimize your blog to rank in search engines.

This is how your post displays in search engine.

How to Publish a Post in WordPress

Step-2: Set SEO friendly Post Permalink (slug)

The URL or address of the post is permalink (slug). It is equally important to set human readable permalink to optimize the post in search engines. Post permalink are generated automatically once you write post title.

How to Publish a Post in WordPress

You can change permalink structure in WordPress setting. In WordPress Dashboard, hover mouse pointer to Settings and click on Permalinks. Select recommended URL structure as Post name and click on Save change button.

How to Publish a Post in WordPress

Step-3: Design your Contain Using Formatting Toolbar

Formatting Toolbar provide you the tools to design your contain. It contains two levels, Upper and Lower.  Lower level is hidden by default you can enable lower level by clicking on Toolbar Toggle icon.

toogle icon

Change Font Size

Click on drop-down box at the beginning of Formatting Toolbar to change the size of the text. You can choose Paragraph as default text size.

Select the text, click on drop-down box and choose desire heading.

Post Heading

Changing Font Color

Select the text, click on Text Color” icon and choose desire “color”.

Choose color

Link to External Website.

Link tool allow you to link your text to another website or any of the post within your blog. Select the text, click on the “Insert/Edit Link” and type the website URL and click “Apply” icon.

Link to another website

Step-4: Add Media

You can add images and videos using “Add Media” button.

add media button

Adding Images

Click on “Add Media” button above “Formatting Toolbar”. You will see add media dialog box. 

Click on “Upload Files” tab, browse the files using “Select Files” button, choose the image from your computer and click on “Open” button.

upload images

Now, select uploaded image, add title, alt text, description at the right side and choose image size e.g Full Size”. Click on “Insert into post” button.

Set Image Alt tag

Adding Videos

You can embed videos from streaming sites like YouTube, Dailymotion and Vimeo.

Again, click on “Add Media” button and click on “Insert from URL” from the left side. Copy the video URL from streaming site e.g. YouTube and paste in “URL” field. Click on “Insert into post”.

embed videos

Step-5: Add featured image

Featured image represent contain of the post. Click on “Set featured image” at bottom-right, select the image from your computer and click on “Set featured image” button.

set featured image

Step-6: Add Post Categories and Publish

Category organizes the post and makes easy to find your content. Once you finish designing your content, create the category clicking on “+Add New Category”, type the name of category in the box and click on “Add New Category” button.

add categories

Select” category and click on “Publish” button.

choose category and publish

We hope this guide on how to publish a post in WordPress is helpful. You may also like to see WordPress tutorial to fix your blog issue. If you find this guide helpful, please share and follow us on facebook and twitter.

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