How to Make a Blog with Wix

Are you planing to start a blog that is cheap and affordable price? Blogging is one of the best way of making money online and website builder such as Wix has made easy to start a blog with its drag and drop tools.

You do not need to learn code or programming language which takes years. There are many website builder that has made easy to start a stunning blog in few clicks. One of the best website builder we recommend you to start a blogging is Wix.

Wix provides you cheap website hosting as low as $7 per month which is worth comparing to other website builder. Your investment will be worth after few month of your blogging journey when you start generate income monetizing your blog with Google Adsense.

In this guide we will teach you how to make a blog in 10 minutes and monetizing your blog to generate income. Remember to use the chat button at the button right to consult with us for any help.

How to start a blog

Get Ready to Start

Time needed: 20 minutes.

Start a website with Wix

  1. Decide your Blog Name

    Choose you website name such

  2. Choose your Blog template

    Template are the appearance of your website. Choose best template from WIX gallery.

  3. Connect to your Professional Domain name (

    We will provide you free .com domain name of your choice, Provide the blog address of your choice such as, No need to use sub-domain e.g. which will kills your site traffic. Connect your custom domain name to make your blog professional.

  4. Start Writing posts

    Create the blog posts as much as you want.

  5. Publish Post

    Publish your blog post in one click

  6. Share your Posts

    Share your posts in social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter.

  7. Start Earning from your Blog

    Once you get 100 visitors you can start earning using Google Adsense.

Follow the button below that takes you to the Wix website.

Sign Up to Wix

From the wix website click on Start now button then you need to choose the plan.

How to Make a Blog

You will see the sign up page where you have to provide your email address and password then click on Sign up button.

You will see the get started message which you can skip it to setup by your own. click on skip button.

How to Make a Blog

In the next page click on Choose a Template button.

How to Make a Blog

You will find hundreds of free templates for your website. Choose the best one that fits your Website niche then click on Edit.

How to Make a Blog

You will see the Welcome screen which you can close it to further editing. Click on close button at the top right.

How to Make a Blog

After closing the Welcome screen. Just click on publish button at the top right. You will edit your website later, after adding SEO friendly domain name.

How to Make a Blog

Wix provides you free sub-domain name which look like adding at the end of your own domain name. Professional blogs do not use sub-domain name because its hard to get website visitor.

You are getting top level custom domain name for free e.g. which most blogger used to make their website successful.

Click on Connect your own customized domain then click on Save & Continue button.

choose connect domain name

Wix will ask you to connect your domain name. Click on Connect a domain you already own button.

How to Make a Blog
Choose Wix Plan

From the Wix hosting plan page you will see four different plans. Choose Connect Domain plan at $4.50 per month when you pay for 1 year.

If you want to pay monthly you have to pay $7 per month for your website hosting. Choose preferred options for you then click on Select button.

How to Make a Blog

Click on monthly plan that cost $7 per month then click on Select button.

How to Make a Blog

Now, provide your credit/debit card details in the field then Uncheck save my credit card information for other purchase. Click on Submit purchase button at the right.

How to Make a Blog

You will see congratulations message on the screen. Now, you can connect your domain name. Click on Connect it link at the button.

How to Make a Blog

In the next page you will see nameserver that need to be update in your domain registrar. From the 3 step you need to copy the name server one by one and paste in your domain registrar domain manager as shown in below steps.

How to Make a Blog

Update Namesevers in NameCheap

Visit namecheap website and login to your Namecheap account. we will provide you username and password or use the live chat button on WebMinto website at the button right.

How to Make a Blog

From the dashboard click on Manage button at the right side of your domain name.

How to Make a Blog

Now, Choose Custom DNS from drop-down box and paste the nameservers e.g., Click on Check icon at the right to update.

How to Make a Blog

Now, return back to Wix page and click on verify connection button.

How to Make a Blog

You will see the message that say It will take upto 48 hours to make your website live in the internet which generally completes in few hours. By that time you can start building your website content.

Customize Your Website

Click on My Sites at the top right to start customizing your website. You will see you website marks as a premium which means you will get all the benefits to make your blog successful. From the All sites click on Select & Edit Site button.

How to Make a Blog

You want to see you website how it looks like. Click on Site Actions then click on Preview site.

How to Make a Blog

Now, Start editing your website creating menu and posts then from the Site Actions click on Edit Site.

How to Make a Blog

You will redirect to page editor where you can edit every part of your website in few clicks.

Add Title

Click on the website title then you will see edit text button. You can click on edit text button to edit the content.

How to Make a Blog

Once you click on edit text button you will be able to edit your Website title. Type your website title and use awesome tool to format the text that appears near the text box.

How to Make a Blog

Edit Menu

You can add and remove menu click on the menu bar then Manage Menu.

You will see the site menu pop up where you will find options to rename the menu name. Click on the three dots of the menu you want to change and click on rename.

How to Make a Blog

Type the menu name and click on Done. You can also add the menu clicking on Add Page button at the button of the Site Menu Popup.

How to Make a Blog

Add Background

You can add your own custom background or can use thousand of images for free from Wix gallery. click on Change Strip Background then you will see the popup where you can choose the background for your website. Click on Image or Video to upload you own images or videos in your blog.

How to Make a Blog

Add Post

Click on Page drop down to add post in your specific menu then click on the menu name where you want to create your blog post.

How to Make a Blog

Click on Start Blog icon then Add now button. It will start adding the page which you can edit with your contain.

How to Make a Blog

Start Earning from your Blog

Blogger makes money from Advertising Network, affiliate marketing and promoting products of big companies like Amazon. The successful blogs make good income just monetizing the traffic with Ad network.

You have already launch your blog, now it’s time to promote. There are many online platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus to promote your blog. Share your blog in social networking sites that bring visitors to the blog and start monetizing your blog with Google AdSense.

Get Start with Google AdSense

It few steps you can setup Google Adsense account. Open Google Adsense in your browser and click on “Sign Up Now” button.

sign up ads

In the next screen, type your blog name or URL and email address. If you do not have gmail email address create one. Click on “Save and Continue” button.

type your website name in adsense

In the next step, choose your country and accept “Term and Condition”. Click on “Create Account”. Once your application is approved, you will be able to create ads unit in the AdSense dashboard. AdSense will take few hours to review your application.

Select country bluehost
Creating Ad Unit.

After approval you will be able to create ad unit. Login to AdSense dashboard and click on “Ad units” under “My ads” then click on “New ad unit”.

create unit ads

In the next page, select the ad type.

choose ad type

Type the name of your Ad unit, choose ad size and ad type and click on “Save and get code” button.

ad type

AdSense will provide you the code to insert into your blog.

ad code

You need to add the Google Adsense app in the Wix editor and page the code. After few minutes, ad will appear in your blog and as your visitors click the ad banners, you will receive money in your Adsense account.

We hope you have learn how to make a blog easily. You may also like to see the guide on how to make money online.

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