How to Install WordPress

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How to Install WordPress

WordPress is popular Content Management System (CMS) with flexible features and easy to use. One Click Installer has made WordPress installation easier and faster. All best WordPress hosting companies provide one-click-installing feature. In this guide you will learn how to install WordPress in few minutes.

Once you get the domain name and hosting account, you can start installing WordPress.

How to Install WordPress using 1-Click Installer?

Softaculous has make easy to install CMS (Content Management System) like WordPress in few clicks. Your hosting company provides this tool in cPanel.

Step-1: Login to cPanel

Login to the cPanel using or IP address adding :2083 at the end. e.g. in your browser.

cpanel login page

Click on “Softaculous Apps Installer” under “Software”.


Step-2: Choose WordPress

In the next page, you will see list of Application. Click on “WordPress” icon.

click WordPress icon

Step-3: WordPress Overview

In overview page, you can see the description, features, ratings and reviews of WordPress. You will also see the latest version of WordPress at top-left corner of your screen. Softaculous install latest version of WordPress by default. Click “Install now” button to proceed.

Click on Install button

Step-4: Choose Website Protocol, Login Details and Themes

It will take you to WordPress setup page. You do not have SSL certificates for your domain name, Choose protocol as https:// . You can activate SSL certificate later to load the blog with https:// protocol. Learn more about SSL.

Type your domain name e.g. Leave “In Directory” field empty.

wp software setup

In Site Settings, type the name of your blog and short descriptions.

wp site settings

In Admin Account section, choose username, password and email address. You need username and password to access WordPress Dashboard.

wp admin account setting

In “Select Theme” section, Choose theme and click on “Select”, provide your email address in “Email installation details” and click on “Install” button. You can also change WordPress theme after installation.

Select wp themes

Your installation completes in few minutes. You will see the successfully messages and WordPress default admin login url which you will to customize your blog.

setup successfully

Now, login to WordPress dashboard using and start customizing.

We hope this guide on how to install WordPress is helpful. You may also like to see the guide on how to install WordPress themes. If you find this guide helpful please share and follow on facebook and twitter.

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