How to Install WordPress Themes?

Installing WordPress themes is super easy. Within few minutes you will learn basic to intermediate level of installing themes, stick with this step by step guide till end. Do you know WordPress provides many free themes? You might be photographer, bloggers, GYM trainer, Instructor or Artist, WordPress has all types of free stunning themes that match your need.

There are also premium themes that can be purchase from the sites like ithemes and themesforest available on best price. As a beginner, try multiple free themes that fit your blog type.

Choose the theme and start installing…

   Method-1: How to Install WordPress themes from “admin panel”?

   Method-2: How to Install WordPress themes using “Upload” button?

   Method-3: How to Install WordPress themes manually using “FTP”?



Method-1: How to Install WordPress themes from admin panel?

Login to WordPress dashboard, Hover mouse point on “Appearance” and click on “Themes”.

add themes


Now, click on “Add new” button at the top.

Add new themes


Take a look on featured, popular, latest and favorite themes from the tab at the top you will see list of free themes. You can also search the themes from search box. Type the categories or name of the theme in search box. Choose the theme, click on “Install” and “activate” button.

Install themes


Your selected theme is activated. You can start customizing.


Method-2: How to Install WordPress themes using “Upload” button?

This method is especially used to “Upload” downloaded theme from the premium sites like ithemes. In this tutorial we will download free themes from  as an example and install using “Upload” button.

Download preferable free theme from and save on the “Desktop” for easy access. Themes file will be in .zip format.

Download themes


From WordPress admin panel, hover mouse pointer on “Appearance” then click on “Themes”. Click on “Add New” button.

Add new themes


Click on “Upload Theme” at the top and click on “Choose File” button to upload the theme.

Choose themes


From the open dialog box, “select” downloaded theme from the desktop and click on “Open” button.

Open themes


Now, click “Install Now” button.

click Install themes button


Installation process takes few minutes to complete. Click on “activate” button after completion.

Activate Themes




Method-3: How to Install WordPress themes manually using “FTP”?

Install WordPress themes manually will be bit longer process but this tutorial will give you clear understanding of installing themes file to the web server.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client transfer files from computer to webserver. You can use FTP clients like FileZilla, Coreftp and CyberDuck (MAC) to upload files to the webserver.

Basic Understanding:

WordPress is installed in “Public_html” folder which is also known as root folder of the webserver. All the themes are installed inside “public_html>>wp-content>>themes” folder.

We use FileZilla as FTP client. You will access “Themes” folder inside “Public_html” folder of the webserver and transfer downloaded themes.

Let’s get start:

Step-1: Download and Install FTP client FileZilla.

Step-2: Download WordPress themes and extract it.

Step-3: Transfer using FileZilla.


Step-1: Download and Install FTP client FileZilla.

Use this link to Download Filezilla and install it into your computer.


Step-2: Download WordPress themes and extract it.

Download WordPress theme on your desktop from

Download themes


Right click on files and click on “Extract Here”.

extract themes


It will create another “theme folder” that you will transfer to the webserver.

extracted themes


Step-3: Transfer using FileZilla.

Open FileZilla, connect using “FTP credentials”. If you do not know your FTP login credentials, follow below step.

FTP login


How to find FTP Accounts login credentials?

When you purchase hosting plan, your hosting provider send you the server details in registered mail. Alternatively, login to cPanel using and under “Files” section, click on “FTP Account”. Expand “Configure FTP Client” at the right. You will see FTP Username, FTP server (Host), FTP port (21) and password is your default cPanel password.

FTP login details


Once you login, you have two section in FileZilla “PC section” at left and “server section” at right.

Open Public html


Double click on “public_html>>wp-content>>themes” folder of “server section”. Drag “themes folder” from “PC section” and drop to “server section”.

Drag and drop themes


File transfer will take few minutes to complete. After completion, login to WordPress dashboard, hover on “Appearance” and click on “Themes”. You will see recently uploaded themes. Click on “Activate” button.



You have successfully install WordPress theme manually. If you find any difficulties, do not hesitate to contact our support team. We will be glad to help you.

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