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How to Install WordPress on Windows Computer Using WAMP

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how to install wp in windows computer

Do you want to use WordPress in the Windows computer? As a beginner you may like to test WordPress features, learn how to create a professional website using WordPress and know all about WordPress before making your WordPress blog live in the internet. In this guide you will learn how to install WordPress on windows computer using WAMP.

What is the Benefit of using WordPress in WAMP?

WAMP is the local server which will allow you to install and use WordPress independently. As a beginner, everyone would like to be familiar and get use-to unknown. Installing WordPress in your computer locally using WAMP will allow you to create and manage website locally. You will have same experience as live WordPress website to create professional website.

Before making the blog visible in the internet, it will be good idea to be familiar with the WordPress features and know what is WordPress. Note that working on WAMP server will only allow you to see your website locally. If you want to make your blog visible to everyone through internet you need to invest few bucks to buy domain name and website hosting. You can refer to this guide on how to start a blog.

What is WAMP?

In short WAMP is the server that allows you to work in local environment in few minutes before going live in the internet. It comes with bundle of Apache webserver, OpenSSL, MySQL and PHP programming languages.

Install WordPress on Windows Computer Using WAMP

Time needed: 20 minutes.

  1. Install WAMP on Windows PC

  2. Launch WampServer and Create Database

  3. Install WordPress on Windows Computer using WAMP

Step-1: Install WAMP on Windows PC

You need to download WAMP server which is free to use and install in your computer. Visit WAMP website to download then click on start using WampServer.

how to install WordPress on your Windows Computer using WAMP

In the next page, you will see two versions WampServer 64 Bits and WampServer 32 Bits to download. You need to download the correct versions of WampServer that matches your computer’s Windows version.

how to install WordPress on your Windows Computer using WAMP

If you don’t know the Windows version of your computer. You can simply right click on The PC icon and click on properties.

how to install WordPress on your Windows Computer using WAMP

You can also find the Windows version going to control panel. In Windows 8 or Windows 10 type control panel in the search box you will see the control panel at the top. Click on Control Panel.

how to install WordPress on your Windows Computer using WAMP

It will open the control panel where you have to find and click on System and Security then from the list click on System. You will see the information of your computer and the Windows version that you are using.

Start Installing Wampserver

You can see the above image that tells the Windows version of the computer is 64-bit operating System. Now, download the same version of WampServer. Once downloaded, double click on the download WampSever execution file you will start installing WampServer in your computer.

Check the radio button I accept the agreement then click on next and continue installing the WampServer.

how to install WordPress on your Windows Computer using WAMP

At the end of the installation process you will ask to choose the default web browser click on No button to make Internet Explore as a default browser. If you want to Google Chrome to make default browser click on Yes button and choose Google Chrome.

choose default browser

Step-2: Launch WampServer and Create Database

Restart your computer after installation and open WampServer. You will see WampServer red icon at the right side of the taskbar. Click on the icon and click on Start All Service. Once the services starts the icon color change to green.

start wamp server

Now you need to create blank SQL database. Click on the WampServer icon then click on phpMyadmin.

open phymyadmin

It will take you to phpMyAdmin login screen on your default browser. Type root as a username and leave password blank then click on Go button.

Login to phpmyadmin

You will see the phpMyadmin main screen where you have to create a new database. Click on database tab then type your database name e.g. myblog_db and click on Create button.

Create WordPress database

It have create a new database and now you can start installing WordPress on localhost.

Step-3: Install WordPress on Windows Computer using WAMP

You need to download fresh copy of WordPress from its official site and keep it on the desktop for easy use. Click on Get WordPress button to download.

Download Wp

Now, right click on WordPress Zip file e.g. and click on Extract Here. It will create another folder named WordPress extracted from the file.

Extract WordPress

Once extracted you will see WordPress folder. You have to copy the WordPress folder and paste it in Wamp Server folder. Navigate to installed Wamp Server folder, in this guide we have install WampServer default C:/wamp64. Open This PC or Computer from your desktop and double click on C: drive where you will find wamp64 folder then open www folder and paste the WordPress folder.

copying WordPress folder

You can rename WordPress folder name to any name that is easy to remember or leave default. The name of the folder will be your site’s local URL. In this guide we have leave default name as WordPress. Now, open your web browser and type http://localhost/wordpress/.

You will see the language selection page on the screen. Choose your preferred language and click on continue button.

In the next page, click on Let’s Go button.

wp installing screen
Setup Database Credential

Now, enter the database details such as database Name, username, password, database host and table prefix.

Enter the name of database that you have create before. In this guide given database name is myblog_db, in username field type root and leave password blank. Also database host and table prefix will remain default then click submit button.

You will see the message that tells you to run the installation process. Click on Run the Installation.

Now, You have to give the title for your WordPress website, choose the username, password and provide email address then click on Install WordPress button.

Once the installation process completes you will see the successfully completion messages. You can login to WordPress dashboard clicking on Log in button and customize your WordPress website.

That all, you have successfully install WordPress in localhost.

We hope this list of how to install WordPress on windows computer using WAMP is helpful. You may also like to see the list of 13 most important things to do after installing WordPress. If you find this guide helpful, please share and follow us on facebook and twitter.

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