How to Fix “Are You Sure You Want to Do this” Error in WordPress.

Are you looking the way to Fix “Are You Sure You Want to Do this” Error in WordPress blog.

In WordPress, you may encounter many different types of error such as error establishing a database connection or syntax error which will give you error information that will help you to identify the error types and can fix easily. But some types of such as Are you sure you want to do this appears without any information and can be difficult to fix it.

In this tutorial we will show you to fix “Are you sure you want to do this” error in every possible area of your WordPress blog that is causing this error.

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Cause of “Are you Sure You Want to Do this” Error

In WordPress security token are called nonce. Nonce are the key made up of numbers and letters that help to protect your blog’s URLs and form from abuse and malicious. This error occurs when WordPress nonce authentication or authorization fails.

You are seeing this error while you are trying to install or update plugins or themes, publishing posts or pages then WordPress nonce is failed to authentication or authorization the operation.

How to fix Are you Sure You Want to Do this Error?

The cause of this error is not certain, you need to find out what is causing this error, it can be faulty plugins or themes or can be corrupted WordPress core file.

Troubleshoot the Error

  • Deactivate the Plugins
  • Activate Default Theme
  • Replace WordPress Core file.

Deactivate All the WordPress Plugins

You can deactivate all the installed plugins from WordPress dashboard. Click on installed plugins under plugins section. Check the box before plugin then choose deactivate from drop-down and click on apply button.

deactivate plugins

After deactivation of the plugins check whether the error occurs or not. If you did not see the error then one of the plugins is the cause of this error. Activate plugin one by one and check for the error. You will find out which plugin is causing the issue. Once you detect the faulty plugin remove or replace for your website.

Note: You can also deactivate all the plugin manually.

Activate Default Theme

From the WordPress admin panel click on appearance then themes. Activate the WordPress default themes such as Twenty Sixteen, Twenty Seventy, Twenty Fifteen. If your WordPress blog do not have default theme installed you can install and activate default theme.

If activating default WordPress theme fix the issue then your current theme is causing the issue. Download the fresh copy of your current theme and install in your website.

Replace WordPress Core File

If above steps did not fix the issue then you should try replacing the WordPress core files and folders with the fresh copies. Before replacing the WordPress core files, you are recommended to take backup of your WordPress site.

Download latest version of WordPress from and save it on the desktop.

Download Wp

Then, right click on the file and click on extract here. You will see another WordPress folder in the desktop which contents all the WordPress core files and folders. You need to replace those fresh files and folder using FTP client FileZilla.

Extract WordPress

Connect to your web server using FTP client FileZilla and open root directory e.g. public_html where you will find core WordPress files and folders such as wp-includes, wp-admin, wp-config.php.

Now, right click on wp-config.php file and click on download. wp-config.php files contains the details of your database which you need later setting up your site.  

After downloading, you need to delete all the files and folder except wp-content. Select all the files and folder except wp-content pressing CTRL key. Right click on the selection then click on delete.

How to Fix "Are You Sure You Want to Do this" Error in WordPress.

After deletion, you need to upload fresh WordPress files and folder expect wp-content to your web server. From the PC section of the FileZilla, open WordPress folder from the destination where you have downloaded e.g. desktop.

Select all files and folder pressing CTRL key except wp-content. Right click on the selection and click on upload.

How to Fix "Are You Sure You Want to Do this" Error in WordPress.

It will start uploading to the root directory e.g. public_html Uploading will take few minutes to complete. Once completed rename the wp-config-sample.php file to wp-config.php.

How to Fix "Are You Sure You Want to Do this" Error in WordPress.

After renaming the file right click on wp-config.php  then click on view/edit. You need to enter the database details and remove some unwanted line.

Fix Are You Sure You Want to Do this Error in WordPress

Now, you are in the file editor e.g. Notepad. Enter the correct database details such as DB name, DB username, DB password seeing on your previously downloaded wp-config.php file from the desktop.

And delete ‘Define‘ Section which you do not need in wp-config.php file then save the changes.

Fix Are You Sure You Want to Do this Error in WordPress

You have successfully replace the WordPress core files and folder with the fresh copies. Check whether the still exist or not.

We hope this guide on how to fix “Are You Sure You Want to Do this” error in WordPress is helpful. Please let us know in comment if you have fix the error and do not hesitate to share and follow us on facebook and twitter.

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