How To Fix 503 Service Unavailable Error in WordPress

Are your seeing 503 service unavailable error in your WordPress blog? This error can be frustrating but it can be fixed easily. You just need to find the incorrect line of code or scripts in the plugins or themes which could not communicate with your website hosting server. In the tutorial you will learn how to fix 503 service unavailable error in WordPress blog.

How To Fix 503 Service Unavailable Error in WordPress

Cause of 503 Service Unavailable Error

One of the causes of this error is high volume of traffic or some issues with your shared hosting server which will be fix automatically.

Another cause of 503 service unavailable error could be the broken scripts or line of code that was added while installing the plugins or themes in your WordPress website. If this is the case then you need to troubleshoot the error and find the faulty plugins or themes that is causing the issue.

Fix 503 Service Unavailable Error

You can easily find the plugins or themes that contains broken code and remove or replace it with the correct one.

  1. Deactivate the Plugins

  2. Change your Current Themes to Default.

  3. Ask Help from Hosting Provider.

Step-1: Deactivate the Plugins

When you installed faulty plugins broken code will be added in your WordPress website as result you will experience 503 service unavailable error. You can deactivate all the installed plugins in your WordPress site and find the faulty plugins to fix this error.

You need to access your web server using FTP client such as FileZilla. Connect FileZilla to the web server and open root directory e.g. public_html then wp-content. 

You will see plugins folder where all the installed plugins are stored. Right click on the Plugins folder and click on Rename. Change default name Plugins to any name e.g. Plugins.fix which will deactivate all the plugins in your blog.

Error Establishing a Database Connection

Once deactivated, reload your website to see the error got fixed or still exits. If you did not see 503 service unavailable error then one of the plugins is causing the issue.

Now, you need to activate all the plugins one by one to find the faulty plugin that is breaking your site. First you need to go back to wp-content folder using FileZilla and rename Plugins.fix folder to default name e.g. Plugins.

After rename the folder to default name you will be able see all the deactivate plugins in your WordPress dashboard. Login to WordPress dashboard and click on Installed plugins under Plugins then activate one by one until your site breaks. You can see this detailed guide on how to disable all the WordPress plugins.

Step-2: Change your Current Themes to Default.

Your current themes may contain broken code that cause the error. If disabling the plugins did not fix the issue then you need to change your current theme to default such as twenty fifty, twenty seventeen.

Connect FTP client FileZilla to access your web server. From the root directory e.g. public_html open wp-content then themes folder where you will find all the installed themes in your WordPress blog.

Open Public html

You need to delete the current theme from your blog but before deleting keeping backup will be the good idea. Right click on your current theme then click on download to save in your computer.

download current theme backup

After download, right click on the current theme and click on delete which will delete the current theme from your blog.

Fix the WordPress White Screen of Death

If WordPress default theme is already installed in your blog then WordPress will activate it automatically. If you do not have installed the default theme then you need to install default theme in your WordPress blog.

Step-3: Ask Help from Hosting Provider.

If above troubleshooting methods did not fix the issue then you should contact your hosting provider. If your website is hosted with best WordPress hosting provider then they will response you immediately and help you to troubleshoot the error.

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