How to Find Your WordPress Login URL

WordPress login URL is the gateway to access your website control panel. After login to WordPress admin area you will be able to customize your website such as installing themes, plugins and creating post. In this guide you will learn how to find WordPress Login URL of your website.

WordPress Login URL

How to find WordPress Login URL

  1. Add /wp-admin After your Website Name

  2. Adding /login After your Website Name

  3. Add /wp-login.php After your Website Name

1. If WordPress Installed in Root Directory

Typically, many best website hosting provider install WordPress in root directory. If your WordPress site is installed in root folder then you can easily access the admin panel adding /wp-admin or /login or /wp-login.php after your blog name.

It will take you to the WordPress login page where you can enter your username and password to access the WordPress control panel.

2. If WordPress Installed in Sub-Directory

Sometimes many beginners install WordPress site in sub directory such as /wordpress. If your WordPress blog is installed in sub-directory then you need to add /wp-admin or /login or /wp-login.php after the sub directory as shown below.
3. If WordPress Installed in Sub-Domain

If you have installed your WordPress blog in sub domain name then you have to access your WordPress admin area as shown below.
Best Ways to Remember WordPress Login URL

Most of the beginners find difficult to remember the WordPress login URL. If you are having difficulties in remember the login URL then you can use the following ways to easy access your WordPress admin area.

  1. Bookmark WordPress Login URL
  2. Add Login URL to Menu
  3. Add Login URL to Sidebar
1. Bookmark WordPress Login URL

One of the best ways to remember your WordPress login URL is bookmarking the login address in your web browser.

Your can simply open your WordPress login URL in your web browser such as Chrome. Click on three dots at the right-top and click on Bookmark then Bookmark this tab. You can also bookmark the website using CTRL+D of your keyboard.

How to Find Your WordPress Login URL
2. Add Login URL to Menu

Another ways to remember your WordPress login URL is creating menu. Login to WordPress admin panel then click on Appearance and Menus. From the Add menu items, click on Custom links to expand. In the URL field, paste the WordPress login URL and type the Link Text then click on Add to Menu. Don’t forget to save.

Create WordPress Login URL menu
3. Add Login URL to Sidebar

You can also add the WordPress login URL to your website sidebar. You can add the widget called meta which will add the links to your login URL.

Go to Appearance then Widgets. From the Available widgets, drag and drop the Meta widget to Primary sidebar. It will add the meta widget to your sidebar which will allow you to access the WordPress login URL easily from your website.

Add meta to sidebar

You may also encounter errors related to WordPress login which may be frustrating. The below step by step guide may be helpful to fix them easily.

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