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How to Disable Gutenberg and Use Old Classic Editor in WP5

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how to disable gutenberg feature

There’s a huge change in WordPress world. WordPress has introduced Gutenberg on 06 Dec 2018. WordPress 5.0 Gutenberg has replaced the old editor that was familiar to WordPress users. It might be complex for the WordPress users in the beginning but once become familiar you will find more flexible features to can design your content more effectively.

What is Gutenberg?

Gutenberg is the name of WordPress new editor that have clean writing environment with great typography. It will completely change the environment of creating posts or pages. Gutenberg use “block” to design your content, simply drag and drop the block to create high quality content like the web builder e.g. Wix and Squarespace.

How to disable Gutenberg and use old classic editor in WP5?

If you have upgraded to WordPress 5.0 and want to switch back to old classic editor, this guide and help you to switch Gutenberg editor to the classic editor using plugin.

Login to WordPress dashboard. Click on Plugins then Add New.

Add New plugins

Type classic editor in search box, you will see Classic Editor plugin at the beginning. Click on Install Now and Activate.

install classic plugin

Once activated you will be able to use the classic editor by default. You can also use both the editors and switch to block editor from post or pages using Writing option under Settings in WordPress panel.

Click on Settings then Writing.

settings Gutenberg

This setting will allow you to choose the default editor.

writing settings
  1. Default editor for all users: You can choose you preferred editor Classic or Block using this option.
  2. Allow users to switch editors: It will allow you to switch editors from the pages or posts.
switch back to classic editor

After setting up your preferred editor, don’t forget to click on Save button.

We hope this guide helped you to disable Gutenberg and use old classic editor. You may also like to see the guide to troubleshoot WordPress issues. If you find this guide helpful please share and share and follow us on facebook and twitter.

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