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How to Create Navigation Menu in WordPress

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How to Create Navigation Menu

Its easy to create navigation menu in WordPress.  Menu navigates your visitor to explore the content within the website. Plan before creating menu, categorize your content in simple way that your visitor can find easily.

Before creating menu, Create “Pages” and “Categories”. Follow step by step guide to create menu in few minutes.

Step 1: Create pages

In WordPress dashboard, Hover mouse pointer on “Pages” and click on “Add New” to create pages. Create page e.g. about us, contact us, FAQ, terms, privacy policy etc.

add new menus

In this tutorial, we will create page name “Contact Us”. Type the name of the page “Contact Us” at the top. Write the content and click “Publish” button from the right.

Create page name

Step 2: Create Categories

Categories organized your contain. It is use to divide your content in different section or group. In this tutorial you will create category named “Event”.

In WordPress Dashboard, Hover mouse pointer on “Post” and click on “Categories”.

create menu categories

Type category name “Event” in Name box at the left side of the screen and type the slug name in lower case same as categories name and click on “Add New Category” button. Slug are user friendly URL that appears as a link to the post. Learn more “How to Publish Post”?

add categories to menu

You have created page “Contact Us” and category “Event”.

Step-3: Create Menu

Login to WordPress dashboard,, hover mouse pointer on “Appearance” and click on “Menus”.

create navigation menu in wordpress

You will see menu setup screen separated in two sections. In this tutorial this sections are name as “Section-1” and “Section-2”.

menu sections

You can create menu from pages, posts, categories and also create custom menu for your blog. From “Section-1” you can add menu to “Section-2” and arrange moving up and down.

Type menu name and click on “Save Menu” button in Section-2.

menu name

In Section-1, Expand pages and select recently created page “Contact us”. Click on “Add to Menu” button. Now, your page is added in Section-2.

adding page as menu

Again, expand “categories” and select category “Event”. Click on “Add to Menu”.  Your category is added in Section-2.

adding categories as menu

How to create custom menu?

Custom menus are created to link external website and internal pages or posts. 

Expand “Custom links” and type the menu name e.g. Home in “Link Text” field. In URL field type the external link e.g. or internal link of your post or page. Click on “Add to Menu”. Your Home menu is created and added in Section-2.

create custom menu

How to create drop-down menu?

Let’s create few more categories to create drop-down menu e.g.Affiliates Summit”, “Blogger Summit” and “Europe”. You will create “Europe” under “Event” menu and rest two categories under “Europe” sub-menu.

view menu

Now from Section-1, expand categories and click on “View All” tab. “Select” three categories newly created and click on “Add to Menu”.

adding categories as menu

Arrange moving menu names

Your three categories have added to Section-2. Move “Europe” under “Event” shifting little right and rest two categories under “Europe” shifting little right as shown in the figure.

arrange menu

Now, set the position of the menu. You will see options under “Menu Settings” at the bottom of the page. You would like the menu to be in header, depending on the theme, options name may differ. Select “Top Bar” or Header” and click on “Save Menu” button. You can try all the options available to see menu position.

menu setting

Check position of the navigation menu bar opening your blog from WordPress “Admin Bar”. In WordPress “Admin Bar”, hover mouse pointer on blog title e.g.My First blog”. Right click on “Visit Site” and click on “Open link in new tab”.

Check position of menu

We hope this guide on how to create navigation menu in WordPress is helpful. You may also like to see the guide on how to install WordPress themes. If you find this guide helpful, please share and follow us on facebook and twitter.

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