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How to Backup WordPress Site

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how to backup wordpress manually

Taking WordPress backup is very important part that every blogger has to do at least once in a week. Your website may crash installing faulty plugins or can be attack by hacker injecting database. You may also have to switch web host to another. This guide will teach you to take backup of your WordPress site in simple steps.

Let’s get start,

  • WordPress Backup using Plugins.
  • WordPress Backup Using FTP Client.

Method-1: Backup using Plugin

There are many free & premium plugins to take backup WordPress site. The plugin Updraft Plus WordPress Backup is one of the free plugin that backup your blog easily and securely in few minutes.

Login to your WordPress dashboard. From Plugins section, click on Add New.

backup wordpress site

Type Updraft Plus WordPress Backup in the keyword search box, you will see the plugins at the beginning. Click on Install Now button and activate it.

How to Backup WordPress Site

Once plugin is activated, Click on UpdraftPlus Backups under Settings.

How to Backup WordPress Site

From the Updraft Plus Dashboard, Click on Backup Now tab and Select two options Include the database in the backup and Include any files in the backup as shown in the figure and click on Backup Now button.

How to Backup WordPress Site

Now your WordPress site backup will start, It will take few minutes to complete. Upon the completion, you will see five folders Database, Plugins, Themes, Uploads, and Others in Existing Backups tabs ready to download.

How to Backup WordPress Site

From the Existing Backups tab, Select Database you will see Download option above. Click Download to Your Computer button. Download all Plugins, Themes, Uploads and Others folders and keep securely in your computer.

How to Backup WordPress Site

You have completed taking WordPress blog backup successfully.

Method-2: Backup Manually

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol, FTP client e.g FileZilla, Coreftp or Cyberduck allow you to connect to the server.

Here, we will use FileZilla as FTP client to backup your WordPress blog.

Download and install FTP Client for all platforms from official site.

Download FileZillla

Once downloaded and installed, open FileZilla you need your FTP Account details to connect your server.

How to know FTP account details?

Login to the cPanel and under files, click on FTP Accounts. Click on Configure FTP Client to expand. You will see login details below Manual Settings.

FTP login details

Back to FileZilla. In the Host field type host name e.g. or cPanel IP address, provide username, password and type 21 in port field. Click Quickconnect button.

Ftp connect to server

File Zilla have two sections PC Section at left and Server Section at right. From the Server Section double click on public_html to open.

double click to open

Drag wp-content folder (which contains your blog data) to the PC section choosing destination path e.g. Desktop.

Ftp section

Transferring process starts and will take some time to complete depending on a blog data size. After completion, keep wp-content folder safely in your computer. Now, you need to backup your blog database.

Backup WordPress Database from cPanel

Login to your cPanel e.g. Click on phpMyAdmin under databases.


Click on your Database Name from left side of the screen e.g. webmwuhm_AS1. Select Check all/Check tables having overhead and click on Export tab at the top.

export database

In the next screen. Keep export method and format as default and click on Go button. Your database will take few minutes to download. Keep your database file and wp-content folder securely in your computer.

click on go to export

Your have completed taking backup of your WordPress website.

We hope this guide on how to backup WordPress site is helpful. You may also like to see the guide on how to restore WordPress from backup. If you find this guide helpful, please share and follow us on facebook and twitter.

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