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How to Add WordPress Website to Bing Webmaster Tools?

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Do you want to drive web traffic to your blog from Bing search engine? Bing webmaster tools is the search engine like Google and Yandex owned by Microsoft. Adding your website to Bing webmaster tools allow you to monitor the web traffic, keyword ranking, errors and optimize your blog to rank higher in search engine.

Some of the major feature you can see in Bing Webmaster Tools

Crawl Error: This feature helps you to find the issue such as 404 not found error and dynamic URLs in your website.

Website Backlinks: Backlinks are one of the main factors to boost your website ranking. You can check the links from external website that are linking to your website.

Traffic Insight: This tool provides you the information about the traffic flow.

Robot.txt: Tells search engine robots how to crawl the website pages and index pages.

Sitemaps: It allows you to add your website sitemaps to tell search engine crawler what to index quickly.

In this tutorial you will see how to add your WordPress website to Bing Webmaster tools.

Step-1: Create Microsoft Email Account

You need Microsoft email account such as hotmail or outlook to create Bing webmaster tools account. You can quickly create one using this link.

In Bing Webmaster website click on Create one link.

How to Add WordPress website to Bing Webmaster Tools?

Click on Get a new email address link to create new Microsoft email account. Fill all the required details and register.

create account-How to Add WordPress website to Bing Webmaster Tools

Step-2: Login to Bing Webmaster tools

Once you have Microsoft email account you can login to Bing webmaster account using this link. Click on Sign in button.

submit URL to bing-How to Add WordPress website to Bing Webmaster Tools

In the next screen, click on Microsoft account to sign in using email ID. You can also sign in using Google or Facebook.

sign in

Step-3: Add Website to Bing Webmaster

You will see the message to allow Bing Webmaster to access your email account. Click on Yes button.

authorize login

You will see the Bing Webmaster tools dashboard in next screen. You can add your website clicking on Add your site button.

 submit URL to Bing

Type your website address in URL field and add website sitemap (optional) and fill all the necessary details then click on Save button. You can check this guide on how create and submit XML sitemap.

 submit URL to Bing

Now you will see the <meta> code that has to be added in your WordPress blog. You can copy the code and paste in the head section your blog.

Step-4: Verify your Website

You can verify your website using any of the method that webmaster tools provide. The easiest method you can use to add one-line code (Meta tag) in header.php file from WordPress dashboard. You also can use Yoast SEO plugins to verify. Here, you have explained two methods of verify the website.

Method-1: Add Meta Tag in header.php to verify.

Method-2: Add Meta Tag using plugin to verify

Method-1: Add Meta Tag in header.php to verify

Login to WordPress dashboard. Click on Appearance than Editor from left panel.

WP Editor

Now, click on header.php file from the right side.  Copy the Meta tag from Bing webmaster dashboard and paste below the <head> section. Click on Update file button.

add html code

Return back to Bing webmaster dashboard after adding the Meta tag and click on Verify button.

Click on Verify button

You will see below screen after successful verification.

How to Add WordPress website to Bing Webmaster Tools

Method-2: Add Meta Tag using plugin.

Yoast SEO plugin comes with many features, It is especially build to optimize your website in the search engine but it also provides many handy tools. You can copy and paste the key from Meta tag to verify using plugin. Copy only the key from the Meta Tag as show in the figure below.

How to Add WordPress website to Bing Webmaster Tools

Login to WordPress dashboard. Install Yoast SEO plugin. Click on SEO and General from right panel.

Yoast General

Now, click on Webmaster tools tab and paste Meta tag key in Bing verification code box. Click on Save Changes button.

How to Add WordPress website to Bing Webmaster Tools

Plugins has added the Meta tag into your website. Return back to Bing webmaster tools and click on Verify button. You will see your website added as shown in the figure.

submit url to bing

We hope this tutorial on how to add WordPress website to Bing webmaster tools is helpful. You may also like to see the guide on how to add website to Google Webmaster tools. If you find this guide helpful, do not hesitate to share and follow on facebook  and twitter.

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