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How to Add WordPress Website in Yandex Webmaster Tools

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how to add blog to yandex

Do you want more traffic from Yandex search engine? Yandex Webmaster tools provide many features to optimize your website such as check site error, monitor traffic, monitor keyword . Yandex Webmaster is one of the popular tools based in Russia like Google Webmaster and Bing. Bloggers are recommended to add the website to Google, Bing and Yandex Webmaster to optimize and drive more traffic from search engine. You can easily add and verify your website to Yandex Webmaster tools.

Yandex search engine

Time needed: 15 minutes.

Add Website to Yandex Webmaster Tools

  1. Step-1: Create Yandex Email Account

  2. Step-2: Login to Yandex Webmaster

  3. Step-3: Add your Website

  4. Step-4: Verify your Website

Step-1: Create Yandex Email Account

Yandex is multinational corporation and provides over 70 services, email services is one of those. You need Yandex email account to add your website in Yandex webmaster. Click this link to create Yandex email account. Fill the registration form and click on “Register” button.


Step-2: Login to Yandex Webmaster

Once you created Yandex email ID click this link to open Yandex webmaster and click on “Login” button.

yandex webmaster tool

Yandex Webmaster provides you different options of log in. You can enter your username and password or use social network account to sign in to webmaster.

login page

Step-3: Add your Website

After successful login you will see Yandex dashboard. Click on “+” Button to add your blog. Type the name of the blog in Site Address box and click on Add button.

add site to yandex webmaster tool

Your website is added to Yandex webmaster and need to verify. You will see one line of code in next page to add into your website.

yandex webmaster tool

Step-4: Verify your Website

You have many options to add the Meta Tag into your website. WordPress has made easy to integrate or add the Meta Tag in few steps using plugins or placing the code directly into the website’s core file. In this tutorial you will see two methods of adding Meta Tag into your blog.

  • Add Meta Tag in header.php
  • Add Meta Tag using plugin.

Method-1: Add Meta Tag in header.php

You can add Meta Tag directly into header.php file from WordPress dashboard. Login to WordPress dashboard. Click on Editor under Appearance from the left panel.

WP Editor

Now, click on header.php file from the right side.  Copy the Meta tag from Yandex webmaster dashboard and paste right below the <head> section. Click on Update file button.

yandex webmaster tool

You have added the Meta Tag into your website. Return back to Yandex webmaster and click on check button to verify. You will see below screen after successful verification.

yandex webmaster tool

Add Meta Tag using Plugin

Yoast SEO is the powerful plugin to boost your website rank in the search engine. It also provides you easily feature to verify your website in Webmaster tool. You just need to copy and paste only the key from HTML tag. From the Meta Tag copy only the key.

yandex webmaster tool

Now, Login to WordPress dashboard. Install Yoast SEO plugin and activate it. Click on General under SEO from WordPress panel.

Yoast General

From the top, click on Webmaster tools tab and paste HTML tag key in Yandex verification code field and Click on Save Changes button.

yandex webmaster tool

Yoast plugin had already added the Meta tag into your website. Go back to Yandex webmaster and click on Check button to verify. You will see successful verification screen as shown in below figure.


We hope this guide on how to add WordPress website in yandex webmaster tools is helpful. You may also like to see guide on Bing webmaster tools.

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