What is Admin Area

What is Admin area?

Admin area is the WordPress control panel where you can administrate your entire WordPress website. It is also called WP admin or WordPress dashboard which you can usually access adding /wp-admin at the end of the domain name.

WordPress administrator have full control to customize the WordPress website such as installing, activating and deleting themes and plugins. Administrator can also provide access to the editor, contributor or author with the limited access to the WordPress dashboard.


WordPress Admin Area Overview

WordPress Administrator can login to the admin area adding /wp-admin at the end of the blog address e.g. www.yourblog.com/wp-admin. Administrator need to enter the username and password to access the WordPress dashboard. Once logged in you will see WordPress welcome screen where you will find WordPress toolbar or menu at the right side of the screen.

What is Admin Area


WordPress administrator can control entire WordPress site from the toolbar. You can create a new post, pages, menus and install or uninstall themes and plugins using the tools in the dashboard.    


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