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5 Ways to Fix WordPress Login Page Refreshing and Redirecting Issue

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how to fix wp login page refreshing and redirection

Don’t panic. WordPress login issues is one of the common errors that every WordPress blog experience once. It can occur by various errors such as white screen of death or error establishing a database connection.

Login page refreshing and redirecting is another type of error that can be fix easily in few simple steps. In this tutorial you will see 5 ways to fix WordPress login page refreshing and redirecting issue. Before you start troubleshooting, its highly recommended you to backup your website manually.

Fix WordPress Login Page Refreshing and Redirecting Issue

  1. Clear Browser Cookies

  2. Deactivate all the Plugins

  3. Change your Current Themes to Default

  4. Delete .htaccess File

  5. Update Blog URL

Step-1: Clear Browser Cookies

Browser cookies are one of the first and easiest methods to fix login admin page refreshing & redirecting issue. WordPress site uses cookies for login authentication and if this error occurs due to the cookies then you may not have to waste your time following the next steps below.

Clearing cookies in Chrome. At the top right corner click on three-dot. Click on More tools then click on clear browsing data.

Fix WordPress Login Page Refreshing and Redirecting Issue

You will see dialog box in the screen. Select all time from time range and click on clear data button.

Fix WordPress Login Page Refreshing and Redirecting Issue

Your browser cookies have cleared successfully. Try login to WordPress if you still see the error follow the steps.

Step-2: Deactivate all the Plugins

When installed plugins conflict with one another you may see this issue in your WordPress site. It is necessary to deactivate all the installed plugins to find out which plugins is causing redirection or refreshing error.

You need to installed FTP client such as FileZilla in your computer and connect to the web server. Once connected double click on public_html then wp-content. You will find plugins folder where all the installed plugins are located. Rename the plugins folder to any name e.g. plugins.fix that will deactivate all the plugins installed in your website.

Error Establishing a Database Connection

Now, try login to WordPress admin panel, if succeed one of the plugins is causing this error. You need to find out the faulty plugins that is cause the error. Go back to plugins folder using FileZilla and rename plugins.fix folder to default name. Activate plugin one by one from the WordPress dashboard until your site break.

You can refer to this guide on how to deactivate all the WordPress plugins for detailed instruction

Step-3: Change your Current Themes to Default.

Your current themes also can cause the error. Same as plugins conflicts, your installed themes also conflicts with one another. Find the faulty themes by deactivating the themes using FTP client.

Connect FTP client FileZilla to your server and enter into root directory e.g. public_html then wp-content you will find themes folder where your blog’s themes are located.

Open Public html

Open themes folder and right click on the current theme then click on download to keep backup.

download current theme backup

Once downloaded you need to remove the theme from your WordPress site. Right click on current theme then click on delete that will remove the theme from your blog.

Fix the WordPress White Screen of Death

If default theme such as twenty seventeen, twenty fifty is already installed in your blog then WordPress will automatically activate the themes. If you do not have installed default theme then you can check this guide to install default theme in your WordPress website.

Try logging to the WordPress admin panel if succeed you know one of the installed themes is causing the issues.

You can restore the themes downloading the fresh copy from WordPress themes directory and upload it to your server.

Step-4: Delete .htaccess File.

Corrupted .htaccess file can also be the cause of login page refreshing issue. In this case you need to delete .htaccess file from the server and recreate it.

Connect FTP client to the web server. Go to root directory e.g. public_html you will find .htaccess file. Right click on .htaccess file and click on delete.

Fix WordPress Login Page Refreshing and Redirecting Issue

You also have to delete .htaccess file from wp-admin folder if exist. Open public_html folder you will find wp-admin folder. Open the folder and delete .htaccess file from wp-admin.

Try logging into WordPress admin panel. If succeed you know .htaccess file has created the issue. You can regenerate .htaccess file simply going to Settings then permalinks and clicking Save button.

Step-5: Update Site URL

Updating your blog URL can also fix the issue. Again, you need FTP client FileZilla to access the files in your web server. In the root directory you will find wp-config.php file where you have to add below two lines. Replace the URL with your site URL and save the change.


If the issues still exist then you should contact your hosting provider for further assistant via live chat or email.

We hope one of the above steps have helped you to fix WordPress login page refreshing and redirecting issue. If you find this guide helpful do not do not hesitate to share and follow on facebook and twitter.