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how to prevent wordpress from generating Image Sizes

How to Prevent WordPress from Generating Image Sizes

WordPress generates each images in three sizes thumbnail, median and large. Additionally your WordPress theme generates more sizes of the images for the post thumbnails which will increase the data size and due to the limited disk space you may need to upgrade the web server resources. In this guide you will learn how to prevent WordPress from generating image sizes.…
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best live chat wordpress plugins for small business

6 Best Live Chat Plugins for Small Business

Are you looking for the live chat solution for your small business website? Live chat is one of the important tools to increase conversion rate. In this guide we have shown you 6 best live chat WordPress plugins for your small business. 1. Zendesk Chat Zendesk chat is the popular live chat solution software that…
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27 common WordPress errors and how to fix

Common WordPress Errors and How to Fix

WordPress powers millions of website across the world. With its flexibility and easy to use features, it has gain popularity in short period of time. Though, it’s easy, you may encounter minor errors in your WordPress blog which can be overwhelming. In this guide we have shown you the 27 common WordPress errors and the…
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How to Add Free Live Chat in WordPress

Do you want to add free live chat plugin in your WordPress blog? Live Chat plugin allow you to communicate with your customer in real time and help you to support customers by answers their queries. If you have integrated Google analytics to understand your website visitors, it will be easy for you to convert…
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How to setup cloudflare cdn in wordpress

How to Setup Cloudflare CDN in WordPress

Do you know Cloudflare boost your blog performance and protect your website from attack? Cloudflare is one of the popular and best CDN that speed up your website performance and protect against attacks such as DDoS. In this guide you will learn how to setup free Cloudflare CDN in WordPress blog. What is CDN? CDN…
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how to migrate the blog from wordpress dot com to wordpress org

How to Migrate the Blog from to

Do you want to migrate the blog from to self hosted is online hosting platform that is founded in 2005. It manages all your blog upgrades, updates, backup which makes easy to start a blog for the beginners but very soon the blogger realize the downsides of and want to switch…
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How to increase the maximum file upload size limit

How to Increase the Maximum File Upload Size Limit in WordPress

Do you need to increase the maximum file upload size limit in your WordPress blog? In WordPress file upload size is limited by default and you will be unable to upload the file that is more than the size allocated in WordPress. In this guide you will learn how to increase the maximum file upload…
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How to move the blog from Blogger to WordPress

How to Move the Blog from Blogger to WordPress

Blogger is one of the prominent free blogging platform owned by Google. Because of limitation and restriction many bloggers switch to self-hosted WordPress website. If you have decided to switch your blogger site to WordPress blog than this guide will help you to move the blog from blogger to WordPress without losing your site ranking…
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WordPress com vs WordPress org vs

It could be confusing and curious for the beginners to know about two different WordPress platforms vs Since there are huge variations in both the blogging platforms, it is very important to know the differences before starting your small business blog. In this article you will find detailed comparison of vs…
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switch from wix to wordpress

How to Switch From Wix to WordPress

Do you want to switch your Wix website to WordPress? Wix is the website builder which allows you to customize your website using drag and drop tools. Because of the limited features and expensive upgrade many Wix user want to switch their blog to WordPress. What is WordPress? WordPress is the popular content management system…
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