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how to configure wp super cache 0

How to Configure WP super Cache

Do you want to improve the speed of your WordPress blog? Enabling Caching in you blog will reduce the server load and speed up you blog. In this guide we will show you how...

How to add google search in WP sites 1

How to Add Google Search in WordPress Site

Google Search is most reliable tool to find the relevant search in your WordPress site. WordPress comes with built-in search feature which fails to provide the relevant search for large site. Most of the...

How to find your wordpress Login URL 0

How to Find Your WordPress Login URL

WordPress admin login URL is the gateway to access your WordPress website control panel. After login to WordPress admin area you will be able to customize your website such as installing themes, plugins and creating post....

how to speed up wordpress blog 1

How to Speed Up WordPress Blog

Do you want to speed up your WordPress blog easily without hassle? If you are using Google page speed insight or GTmetrix to analysis your website and see slow blog speed score then this guide will help you...

how to prevent wordpress from generating Image Sizes 1

How to Prevent WordPress from Generating Image Sizes

WordPress generates each images in three sizes thumbnail, median and large. Additionally your WordPress theme generates more sizes of the images for the post thumbnails which will increase the data size and due to the limited disk space you may...