7 Best Social Media Sharing Plugins for WordPress

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7 best social media sharing plugins

Do you want the best social media sharing plugins for your WordPress blog? You will find tons of social media sharing plugins in WordPress directory but would be difficult to choose the best. In this guide you will find 7 best social media sharing plugins for WordPress to increase web traffic and engage visitors.

1. ShareThis Social Network Sharing Plugin

7 Best Social Media Sharing Plugins for WordPress

Sharethis is one of the popular social media sharing plugin trusted by millions of blogger. It is completely free to use and provide you all the popular social networks including WhatsApp and SMS. Sharethis plugin will runs in minimal server resources and does not affect your blog performance.

This plugin allow you to configure quickly and resize share button, change preferred color easily.  You can add inline share and sticky share buttons beautifully in one click.

Download ShareThis Social Sharing Plugin

2. AddThis Social Network Sharing Plugin

7 Best Social Media Sharing Plugins for WordPress

AddThis is free WordPress social media sharing plugin available in WordPress directory. It provides simple share buttons that will help your visitors to share your blog content easily. AddThis plugins is trusted by 15 million sites and now compatible with AMP plugin.

This plugins provides over 200 social networking including WhatsApp and messenger. Its beautiful sharing buttons are customizable and load quickly. You can add floating share button, expanding share buttons, inline share buttons and image sharing buttons and see analytics signing up for a AddThis free account.

Download AddThis Social Sharing Plugin

3. AddToAny Share Buttons

7 Best Social Media Sharing Plugins for WordPress

AddToAny plugins have become one of the popular plugins hitting more than 500k active installations. Since 2006 this plugins is helping increasing website traffic and engagement by sharing the post and page over 100 social networks including email and WhatsApp.

It provides you standard, floating, image and vector share button as well as follow button to maximize your web social pressure. You can track shared links, see share counts and sharing analytics in the dashboard.

Download AddToAny Social Sharing Plugin

4. MashShare


As other sharing plugins MashShare has win the heart of millions bloggers. MashShare offers both free and premium services with great features. Its free version will give you everything you need to build engaging social sharing button whereas you have pay for the addons if you wish to get addition features .

Download MashShare Social Sharing Plugin

5. Sassy Social Share

Sassy Social Share

Sassy Social media sharing plugin is simple and easy to integrate in your website. It provides over 100 social networks to share your blog content and engage visitors.

This plugin allow you customize icons easily and compatible with BuddyPress and WooCommerce.

Download Sassy Social Sharing Plugin

6. Ultimately Social

best social media sharing plugins for WordPress

Social Share plugin allow you to share your contain over 200 social networks. It also provide you the option to upload custom share icons. You will have 16 different design to make your blog appearance beautiful.

This plugin has downloaded 1 million times and has rank one of the best social sharing plugins. It also offers premium service where you will get additional features to share your blog contain.

Download Ultimately Social Sharing Plugin

7. Hustle Plugin

best social media sharing plugins for WordPress

Hustle marketing and social share plugin is develop primarily for marketing purpose. It includes everything that you need for marketing your blog. You can find beautiful social sharing icons in different design as well as email opt-in form and popups can be added easily which will help you to grow your website visitors.

With over 80k active installation this plugin is growing day by day spreading the blog contents easily and engaging visitors.

Download Hustle Social Sharing Plugin

We hope this list of 7 best social media sharing plugins for WordPress is helpful. You may also like to see the list of 26 Best social media icons for bloggers. If you find this guide helpful, please share and follow us on facebook and twitter.

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